The dream of upping sticks and taking off to a far-away land that basks in year round sunshine and sets nerve-endings tinkling with the promise of the marvellous unknown is nothing new.

As far as top destinations go, Latin America has long been a star player, but as the world’s economic markets continue to shudder it is no longer the sole preserve of the perennial beach bum and landing a job in Latin America’s booming emerging markets has never been such an attractive proposition.

A niche, independent business set up by ex-city boys when the term BRIC was a mere whisper, Dehouche is a luxury travel company that specializes in tailor made itineraries to Latin America.  Run on a unique business model that means it operates exclusively out of its destination region, Dehouche has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Esc Heroes since the beginning and a pioneer in setting up a British business in Latin America, here Dehouche have kindly shared their top 10 tips on how to find the dream job abroad (plus – scroll to the bottom for the chance to win two flights to Rio!).

10 tips on how to land a job in Latin America.

1. Talk:

As the international head-hunting network is still very basic when it comes to getting all but the most traditional jobs abroad, the best way to start is through contacts.  This doesn’t require a mafia family, but can be anyone you know who has a connection with the place you want to work – whether personal or business.

Any friends already based where you want to go are Gold-Dust: Get in touch with a clear description of what you want to do and your background and ask them to keep an ear to the ground or send around a brief summary to their contacts.  The expat community is always tight and they will often be an abundant source of opportunities.

2. International Affiliates:

If your background is in a mainstream career path, look into companies in your industry with offices abroad or crucially, who are expanding abroad, and get in touch.  International head-hunters (such as Michael Page) are also an excellent place to start, as is the local British Consulate, who will be able to give you good advice on how to get started and a list of potential contacts. Members’ websites such as ASW (A Small World) have extensive international listings and are well worth keeping an eye on.

3. Go Local:

Put in some time to do a reconnaissance trip and spend your next holiday in the destination you wish to go, making contacts and understanding the local market while kicking back.  Interested in Brazil? See our competition at the bottom for how we can help get you out there.

4. Competitive Edge:

The foreign job market is as competitive as any, if not more so, and having an edge is key.  With the rapid changes in today’s markets, it pays to be clued up on what is going on business wise.

Set your google reader to track any international stories on your chosen field and destination and take time to read the international section of the FT daily and local press.

Even if you don’t want to work in finance, you need to understand how the national market is faring in the global arena.

5. Passion:

There is nothing like a burning, heart-felt passion to get you where you want to go. Take time to research the culture of your dream destination and be clear on why you want to work there. A vague love of beach bars and the local beer won’t cut the mustard.

6. Study:

If applicable, look into taking a relevant course abroad or taking part in a volunteer program.  This will give you a competitive edge when it comes to positions, as well as valuable local contacts and a student visa in your chosen country.

7. Learn the Language:

It is surprising how many people try to move abroad without speaking a word of the local language.  If your chosen destination is China, you may be forgiven (just) but for the most part it makes a huge difference to have even a basic ability to communicate.  With a wealth of online resources and podcasts to while away the daily commute, there really is no excuse.

8. Start your own business:

Emerging markets are a little like the wild-west, a huge amount of opportunity to forge your own path if you have an innovative idea and are prepared to take a risk.  Just make sure you do proper diligence.  Websites such as are a good starting point.

9. Dehouche:

We are always interested in hearing from fresh talent to come and work in our Rio and Buenos Aires offices. If you have interesting experience in the travel industry and a passion for Latin America, then we would love to hear from you.

10. Be Remote:

One of the internet’s eternal blessings is the ability to work from wherever…ideally from a beach-side cabana rather than a Canary Wharf cubicle. Develop a skill set that enables you to work as a remote freelancer and you can work from whatever far-flung destination takes your fancy.

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