Its not that often that you read a book that is more than just inspirational. We are constantly digesting books, and Jonathan Fields will not just inspire, but give you practical advice on turning your passion into a genuine living. He will open your mind, change your perspective, and give you the kick you need to get started.

So many people are apprehensive about starting their own business, or dramatically changing the direction of their career. We hear from them every single day. There are always excuses, especially for those with large responsibilities, like having a family. Jonathan proved that he could overcome those obstacles, and did so in dramatic fashion.

“I cannot conduct the balance of my life in a vacuum of inevitable regret. I cannot imagine the sorrow of leaving this Earth one day filled with visions of a life I dreamed of living, but never had the will to try. I cannot rest with the notion that, in my inaction, I might have taught my daughter to do the same.”

Jonathan guides you through the processes he followed to the eventual sale of a very successful business. He outlines the tools he used, and how he used them. He gives fascinating case studies of people who have created amazing things out of their passions and shows the secrets you could use to bring any idea to market and to tell the world about it in ways you never would have thought of.

Navigating the online world in its ever changing landscape is not as difficult as you might think, it just takes a little bit of direction and the tiniest seed of an idea in your mind will suddenly flourish with just the right combination of effort applied in the right places. As you read this book you will think differently about your own passions, see them in a new light, and maybe, just maybe you will take a leap of faith and change your life forever. We’ve done it, he did it, and you can do it.

You don’t need some incredible idea to start a business. You just need to take the time to understand what makes you tick, and then follow Jonathan’s steps for turning that passion into a lucrative living.

There are too many resources in this book for me to outline them all. I urge you to go out and get it. Remember also that the online world is changing all the time, so visit Jonathan’s website where he’ll keep you updated with all the secrets he’s using every day.

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