Those of you that were at our birthday party in January would have heard a 20-minute no-nonsense tour-de-force from Lara Morgan on starting a business. She has just published her first book – More Balls Than Most – and is celebrating with a ‘book blast’ (a collection of special offers for people who buy the book early).

Here are 10 things we learnt from Lara in January. Scroll to the bottom for instructions for buying the book and redeeming the special offers.

10 lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs

  1. The importance of brutal self-awareness: Know your weaknesses and seek skills that you don’t have.
  2. No illusions: It is going to be tough. There will be difficult months (years even). And at some point or another your business is going to be tested in a way you couldn’t have anticipated. “Don’t be deluded, it is hard and there will be some hideous moments, but don’t ever give up. If you start something you love, you’ve got every chance of success.” Don’t give up.
  3. Hold onto equity: Say no for as long as you can. EXIT on the right price and terms.
  4. Ask for help: “If you ask you often get. If you don’t ask don’t expect.” Get out and network. Meet people. Talking with other people can be inspirational. Try to get a mentor (or several).
  5. Stop fannying around: Stop making excuses for not doing something.
  6. The importance of people: The power of those around you: find great people, treat them well. “You need to do some dull stuff as your business grows, like appraisals, but actually they’re not that dull because if you do them the right way, with career development and reviews, your team will stay with you,”
  7. Lead & motivate: Motivate your people with your big goal. “Leadership is the art of mobilising others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.”
  8. Sell sell sell: Promise you can deliver then make sure you do. Cash remains king. Fake it – professionally.
  9. Keep a scorecard, work with numbers: Measure the important stuff even thought it is boring.
  10. Choose the life you wish to lead, plan it and make it happen

More Balls Than Most

To take part simply buy the book today from (29th June 2011) and you’ll get access to hundreds of pounds worth of FREE bonuses too! Including training courses, PR material, online business video profiling, e-books, webinars and job listing discounts.

To claim your FREE bonuses simply:

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You will then receive an email direct to your inbox containing all the information on how to redeem your bonus material and exclusive offers.

Remember even if Amazon say they are out of stock, still place your order today as they have arranged to receive new books several times throughout the next 24hours which means you will still receive your copy, plus you will still qualify for all of the extra bonuses too.

Huge thanks again and happy reading!

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