One of my favourite books by Jeff Jarvis will completely change the way you approach any idea. I really don’t do it justice so go and read it. Here are some points I took from it, please send me yours.

1.    You need to make mistakes well. Actually make things that are half-baked, learn and iterate as people use them. Don’t worry about perfection

2.    Listen really well. You need to learn that your worst customer may be your best friend.

3.    You need to be a platform to enable people to build things on top of it.

4.    What would a Google car company look like? It would be collaborative. Google would listen to us, our needs and wants and develop a car that matches our demands.

5.    What would a Google restaurant be like? It would probably allow us to vote on the menu and the meals with the most votes would stay on the menu.

6.    When Google releases a new product, it always labels them as “betas”, this is Google’s way of being transparent and telling us “this isn’t finished yet”, and it invites us to work with Google to shape their products to our needs.

7.    Google encourage creativity and entrepreneurship in their offices. They follow the 80-20 rule, where employees spend 20% of their day or one day a week, working on any project that interests them, a personal project or passion. Giving employees ownership of their own time and encouraging creativity has actually resulted in the creation of many of Google’s products including Gmail and Google News.

8.    Let your employees shine. Give them the tools to start their own projects and let them have ownership, encourage them and also manage expectations. The more projects are started, the more likely your business will innovate.

9.    Think about every employee in your business, how many of them have their own projects? How many of them are passionate about new ways of doing things? Much of Google’s success has been about having a different perspective on everything, being transparent and constantly piloting new ideas.

10.  Start small and don’t be afraid of failure. Just keep creating, it will encourage others to do the same and your whole business will benefit.

11.   Give your employees an environment that’s fun and stimulating. The less work feels like work, the more people will want to do it, and the more passionate they will be about your products.

If you’d like to check out the book WWG, click here.

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