1.    We believe in having a mission, we will be successful if everyone in the team is genuinely excited about the problem we are solving.

2.    We believe in building a purple cow (a business that is remarkable). Not just our mission but in terms of how we operate.

3.    We believe happy people do the best work. We strive to ensure Esc is a really fun and rewarding place to work.

4.    We believe in transparency. Being open, human and honest will differentiate us. It’s also more fun to behave like this.

5.    We believe in working smart. Plan your own week and be clever about it. Live the life you want or what’s the point? No face-time.

6.    We believe in delivering incredible customer service that doesn’t scale. Every interaction is an opportunity to delight.

7.    We believe that speed is a competitive advantage. Get back to people within hours not days.

8.    We believe in great design and user experiences. This can be the difference between a good idea and the execution of a great idea.

9.    We believe that you should start small. Try lots of things, launch quickly, test, and react fast. Launch again, test again, improve.

10.    We believe that we should tell a story worth spreading. People relate to stories. People tell their friends about the best stories.

11.    We believe in saying no. Saying no more often allows us to really deliver when we say yes.

12.    We believe in doing the right thing. We get to make 100s of decisions a week. Make the ones our mums would be proud of. Do good.

13.    We believe in being brave. Not everyone will agree with our philosophy. Focus on the ones that do. Have a point of view. Back ourselves.

14.    We believe in enjoying the journey and celebrating the small milestones. The process of building a business should be fun.

15.    We believe in helping. The best businesses help people do something they already want to do. Let’s focus on building something genuinely useful.

16.    We believe in solving a problem. We’re building Esc to help people find the opportunities, people and information they’re looking for – keep that as our guide and if we do it well we will succeed.

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