We’ve got a really exciting evening planned for August’s Esc Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY 24th AUGUST – ADAM STREET CLUB. Bar: 6.30 pm | Talk: 7.30 pm

Our special guest is Levison Wood.

Lev is co-founder of the unique expedition service Secret Compass, a full time expedition leader, travel writer and photographer.

Lev will be talking about his life in expeditions over the past 10 years with a travel theme majoring on what inspired him, remote and perceived dangerous places and how people can organise their own trips.

He will also talk about the challenges that come with an adventure start-up.

If you are interested, please come along…

You can buy your ticket here: http://secretcompass.eventbrite.com/

5 reasons to come…

  1. You’d like to meet someone who has led expeditions on every continent and travelled in over seventy countries, including many of the world’s most dangerous places.
  2. You want to know more about what it is like to survive in the deserts of the Sahara and the mountains of Afghanistan, get arrested by rebel commandos in Sudan, spend a night in an Egyptian Jail, be stranded alone in the Hindu Kush etc.
  3. You’re keen to organise an expedition yourself and would like to find out more about how it’s done or simply want some inspiration on where to go this summer.
  4. You want to become involved in the adventure travel industry.
  5. You want to know more about setting up a your own company.

Please join us:

We will be meeting at the Adam Street Club – the private members club for entrepreneurs just off the Strand on the evening of Wednesday 24th August.

Lev will be giving a short talk before we open it up to the room for a Q&A. The bar will open at 18.00 and the talk will start at 19.30 and go on for about an hour.

You can buy your ticket here: http://secretcompass.eventbrite.com/

You can read Lev’s Esc Hero profile – here.

More about Lev:

He set off on his travels at the age of eighteen and has been on the road ever since. Whilst at university Lev hitchhiked around the Middle East including a war torn Iraq and Palestine. After finishing his studies Lev thumbed his way across the world yet again, this time to overland to India via Russia, the Caucasus, Iran and Afghanistan.

Lev spent several years as an officer in the Parachute Regiment where he saw active service on the battlefields of Afghanistan in 2008. Whilst in the army he led several large expeditions including Jungle trekking in Colombia, Diving in Thailand and Mountaineering in the Nepal Himalayas.

Since then Lev established a charity project to deliver ambulances to Malawi, one of the poorest countries on earth, by driving them overland from London. He has travelled and worked in over 70 countries across the world and is currently planning several future expeditions for 2011 and 2012 including Afghanistan, South Sudan, Central Africa and beyond.


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