We’ve got a really exciting evening planned for July’s Esc Wednesday.

NB: In the spirit of doing something different this Esc Wed is being held on a Thursday!


Our special guest is Tom Rippin.

Tom is an ex-McKinsey management consultant who kept the ‘I’ll only do this for a few years and then go and do something else’ promise. Read his Esc Hero interview here.

What he decided to do instead was to start a really exciting social enterprise leadership programme called On Purpose. On Purpose provides a structured way for the next generation of high-fliers to get into the growing social enterprise sector.

Tom will be accompanied by an On Purpose Fellow: Harriet Barclay who, after 5 years at AMV BBDO, embarked on the On Purpose programme last year and is now Head of O2 Learn and current On Purpose Associates: Stephanie Denamps and Ann Walker (ex P&G and Booz & Company).

If you are interested, please come along…

You can buy your ticket here: http://on-purpose-tom-rippin.eventbrite.com/

5 reasons to come…

  1. You’ve been trying to find a route into social enterprise and have been getting frustrated with the lack meaningful job opportunities
  2. You are interested in starting your own social enterprise and would like to hear Tom’s own escape and start-up story
  3. You want to get into social enterprise but fear that means waving goodbye to any training and development opportunities you currently have
  4. You’re interested in social enterprise but are not sure which bit is most interesting and you’d like to try a few things out first
  5. You’d love to meet some people who have and are transitioning into social enterprise

Please join us:

We will be meeting at  The Yorkshire Gray on the evening of Thursday 9th July.

Tom, Harriet, Stephanie and Ann will be giving a short talk before we open it up to the room for a Q&A. The bar will open at 18.00 and the talk will start at 19.30 and go on for about an hour.

You can buy your ticket here: http://on-purpose-tom-rippin.eventbrite.com/

You can read Tom’s Esc Hero profile – here.

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