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On Fear

Doing something different is scary…

  • Quitting your job is scary.
  • Starting your own business is scary.
  • Having no money is scary.
  • Taking a point of view is scary.
  • Cold calling is scary.
  • Charging for a service is scary.
  • Public speaking is scary.
  • Being challenged is scary.
  • Writing blog posts is scary.
  • Managing people is scary.
  • Saying no is scary.
  • Being in it for the long run is scary.
  • Talking to aggressive journalists is scary.

Sometimes it feels like it would be much easier to not do scary things. Opt-out just a little bit…

  • Stay in a job you don’t really like.
  • Coast.
  • Get drunk on the weekends.
  • Be able to afford nice stuff.

Feel OK about things overall… if a little unfulfilled.

I don’t blame you. It’s incredibly seductive. It’s comfortable. It’s really rather nice.

Or… you could use the fear as a radar and go straight at the things you’re most scared of.

Got that little voice in your head saying “Wow, maybe I could do that, what if I actually pulled that off…?”

What if you listened to that voice… and then acted on it? 

Who knows what you might achieve. Scary huh!?

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  • Vince

    Wise wise words!
    Good work!!!

  • Renee

    Great post. Fear is such a great tool if you know how to use it.

  • Ramon Espinosa de los Monteros

    Attack .the mind success will follow