Lucky me!  In only the second week of my internship, I got the opportunity to sit down with Dom Jackman, co-founder of Escape.  Following: his thoughts on escaping, childhood career ambitions, and his favorite word….enjoy!

Liz: What was your moment of truth, when you realized you wanted to make your escape?

Dom: I didn’t really have one actually, it was just more of a slow burn. I wanted to do something different and I couldn’t figure out how.  I used to go on lots of expeditions, and I was building a blog about one canoeing expedition I was going to do.  Through that blog, I realized that there was no resource out there for people trying to do exciting, different things.  That’s where the idea for Esc. came from.  When I came back from the Yukon River Quest, I sort of realized that I couldn’t keep on doing adventures to hide from my job, and that it was time to do something different.

Liz: What has been the best part of your job?

Dom: Being my own boss.  Also, having the drive and ambition to choose something big to do, and being the sole person behind it.  No one is stopping me from doing it.  That’s also the worst part sometimes, because you end up working really hard!  But it’s definitely worth it.

Liz: What has been the biggest learning experience from all of this for you?

Dom: The one thing I’ve learned  is that it doesn’t happen overnight, it actually takes a lot of time.  I pictured it as once you get a couple of bits of press, you’re all set.  Good press helps but it doesn’t make you.  There are lots of false summits.

I’ve also learned loads of design and tech stuff, which has been incredible.

Liz: Why do you think more people don’t start their own business?

Dom: Because they are afraid of failure and they don’t have a good idea, but mostly because they’re afraid.

Liz: What did you think you wanted to do when you were a kid?

Dom: Be a weatherman.

Liz: What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you started?

Dom: I wish that someone had told me something I read in a book once:  start small, but start.

Liz: What is your favorite word?

Dom: Seth Godin

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