Just wanted to say a huge thank to you to Tom Vernon from Right To Dream for a really fantastic talk and Q&A at last night’s Esc Wednesday.

Right To Dream offer talented, underprivileged children the opportunity to reach their true potential in life and claim a better future for Africa.

Tom gave us all an incredible insight into setting up the organisation and the amazing things they are doing for sport and education in Africa.

Our Esc Wednesdays take place at the Adam Street Club – a home and support network for entrepreneurs and business-people.

Here is a quick summary of the best nuggets from our perspective. What have we missed? Please add what you learnt in the comments.

Who else would you like to hear from at an Esc Wed? Let us know and we’ll try to get them along to speak to everyone.

6 great bits of advice from last night

  1. You don’t need money to do something amazing – for the first 3 years Tom relied on £300 a month to get RTD going.
  2. Empower people – To have the greatest impact enable the most passionate and talented people locally to make the most of their potential and you’d be amazed at how much they can then contribute back to their own communities.
  3. Do it yourself and then ask for help – Just because you are passionate about an idea that you think will help people, it doesn’t mean you will get support while it is just an idea.
  4. Start focusing on a small problem – Prove that you can contribute as a solution and then as you (hopefully) succeed, bigger opportunities and challenges will present themselves.
  5. Don’t get hung up on marketing – focus on making your project a success and it will sell itself.
  6. Give – Whatever you give to Africa, you’ll get much more out of it.

And finally, Tom and the Right to Dream team want to hear from you…

If you’re passionate about making a difference in Africa and you have a ‘Talent’ that you are passionate about and you’ve got what it takes to build a programme within Right to Dream then get in touch with the team…

Other stuff…

As we mentioned last night, if you didn’t speak to someone last night who you wanted to just comment below and we’ll try and put you in touch. You can also use our Connections section to post up shout-outs.

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For those of you that missed the event, Right to Dream is a registered charity in Ghana, Sierra Leone, the UK and US.  Their mission is ‘to offer talented, underprivileged children the opportunity to reach their true potential in life and claim a better future for Africa’.

The Right to Dream Academy in Ghana is a non-profit making, fully residential international school which offers five year scholarships to children aged 10 and above. At the Academy they are focused on EVERY child achieving success and reaching their true potential, using the skills and knowledge they teach them and the experiences they offer, to build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.
Check out their website: http://www.righttodream.com/
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