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At the beginning of 2011 we started a campaign called Start Something You Love. We kicked it off on 19th January with our big Esc winter party in front of 600 people at Guanabara bar in central London.

We are now following it up with 365 bits of advice from real people who are doing interesting and inspirational things with their lives. And we asked them all the same question:


This week – due to missing a week over Easter – we have 14 quotes from people who have made exciting career changes.

Better late than never! Back on schedule on Monday.

#77: Victoria Woods – Why I moved to Paris…

Be pro-active about following up on any contacts that people may offer you, as you never know where these may lead.

Just to be brave and do it, if it all goes wrong you can always come home!

#78: David Diley – Leaving recruitment to make shark documentaries

I generally live my life on the teachings and wisdom of Rocky Balboa from the Rocky films, in particular “it’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward…”

I am of the belief that if you keep getting up and going back for more, you will ultimately wear your opponent down and emerge victorious.

Another bit of advice that I will take to the grave was given to me by the happiest, most content man I have ever met, “the world is full of doers and doers can only become dreamers when they dare to take risks…”

#79: Christian Busch – Sandbox Network co-founder

Don’t complain about what doesn’t work, think about how to make it work (my Dad).

Try to choose the people you work with at least as selectively as you choose your girlfriend, you will most probably spend more time with them than with her 😉

Follow your passion, but be clear about the basics.

The key for us at Sandbox was the team. We had the great luck that we all had a similar vision when we met, and that we have a similar drive and passion, which allows us to make a lot of compromises for the common good when it comes to key issues such as money etc.

#80: Rosie Walford – Running The Big Stretch from NZ

Ask yourself ‘what is it costing me to keep earning this salary ?’

Take your happiness in your hands – it’s never the wrong time or too late.

Get coaching or come up the mountains with us to find out what you stand for and then get unstoppably creative to make a life work around that.

‘To the extent that your work meets the needs of the world, it will be meaningful. To the extent that it uses your talents it will be joyful” from Laurence Boldt

#81: Susie Daniell – Right to Dream: Sports Academy – Ghana

You never know what life is going to throw at you so you have to grab every opportunity that you are given and just go for it.

#82: Laura Dalglish – Ex-Mgt Consultant now working at the RGS

Do something that makes you happy – it’s not about the money, or the promotions, it’s about doing something you enjoy and you know is worthwhile, going to work with a smile… and still having that smile on your face when you come home again.

#83: Laura Troughton – Retraining in nutritional therapy

Two things 1) Give yourself a chance – don’t do what you are told necessarily. 2) People can only say no so you might as well ask because if you don’t you will never know.

Once you have made a decision whether it be to leave your job, change course etc do it asap. It’s like ripping off a plaster. The thought of it and doing it are horrible but its all ok once it’s done.

#84: Henny Walsh – Retraining as a journalist

Do lots of research into the best courses available for you, there are loads of different courses so find out which one would suit you the best.

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and don’t waste your life doing something that makes you miserable.

#85: Charlie Watson – Rainforest Alliance work, Guatemala

The best advice I received was that when you are young, you should never turn down the opportunity of a worthwhile adventure.

I would advise other people to work hard, gain experience in whatever they are interested in and try their hardest to find some fulfilling, exciting and challenging work abroad.

#86: Alex Ledger – Professional skydive instructor

If you truly want it then anything is possible so don’t let anyone stand in your way as there is nothing worse than living in regret at not having given it a go.

‘What goes around comes around so always treat others with respect’ ‘Don’t let the buggers get you down!’

#87: Mark Gillett – Photojournalist, coach, adventures

My father once said, ‘go do what you want to do and do it well. If it does not work out, it does not matter.’

Too many parents try to control the outcomes of their children. Your job as a parent is to educate, prepare and let go. Perhaps be there for support but let go…

#88: Soul Patel – Passive income, living the dream?

From a book called Gypsy Masala by Preethi Nair:

“When all the excuses that have barricaded, caressed and incubated fear, finally tumble down, fear is exposed in its most hideous form of nudity; there is nothing more to do but go forward and go do whatever you have to do and be whoever you have to be

Stepping out here will surface many fears and doubts you have about yourself and your ability to achieve your dreams – comfort yourself with the fact that anyone who ever did anything worthwhile had to go through the same.

It’s the person you grow to be – that’s the important thing.

#89: Megan Russell – Out of corporate & into MTV

Life is too short to be unhappy with what you do.

A big risk always has big reward.

There is always a way to do what you want to do even if there has to be a little bit of sacrifice along the way.

#90: Juliane Kaden – On becoming a professional photographer

Do tons of research and have a thorough marketing campaign ready! Be prepared to fight!

Have the best kit possible! Take all opportunities!

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

Now do three things…


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