AWESOME INTERVIEW ON MIXERGY. Particularly like this extract below…


You probably never heard of Fanpop and you don’t know how big it is. That’s because Dave Lu and his co-founders are too busy working to talk up their success. Besides, tech entrepreneurs like you aren’t their target demographic and, as a four-man team, they don’t have the time to court your attention.

But this is a story you need to hear because these scrappy founders grew Fanpop to 100 million monthly page views and over $1 million annual profits. There’s a lot to learn from how they did it.

Dave Lu:

“For all those folks who are afraid of taking that leap, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. My whole life I’ve done safe things, I’ve done the ivy league school thing, worked at big name companies, and just said, “This is the right path for me and I’m going to keep going down that path.” But is wasn’t until I took that leap, which was really scary, especially when you’re up there and safe, to take that leap, I liken it to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, when Indy had to step off on to that footbridge that he couldn’t see and it’s invisible, but until he just stepped out he couldn’t realize that, oh, it’s not that bad. And I think it’s like that. Starting a company from wherever you are.”

“I know friends at VC firms who’ve never started. They did the safe route, they went to VC, and I know they want to start something. And I know other folks who are bankers, who hate their lives. I know it might seem scary, but you’re amazed once you do it. They type of people who will come out of the woodwork to support you, your friends, your family, random introductions to friends to interview you. Every little thing that comes along the path creates a save path for you to cross. You may fail, but you will find, if nothing else, that you’ll want to do it again. American Express today did an interview with small business, “How many of you, of the failures, would start a company again?” I think it was eight or nine out of ten said that they in a heartbeat would do it again. And I think it’s a matter of, when you can own it and you can passionate about it, and it’s your own baby, there’s nothing like. I’ve been fortunate enough to be successful with it and I will continue to do startups until I can’t do it anymore. But, it’s an amazing thing and I think that you shouldn’t be scared of taking that leap. I know it’s really scary, and I was scared, but you’ll be surprised how things can work out for.”

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