A quick note from Rob and Dom:

It is our massive pleasure to introduce Mikey Howe – I don’t want my memoirs to be like reading a compliance manual – who is joining the Esc team to expand the tribe to New York later this year.

Mikey has worked in ‘the City’ for 4 years and is now living the first few weeks of his own escape. Below he shares the contrasting experiences of his last week in the bank and the first week with Esc.

He is the absolute ideal person to join the team and help us build something really impressive. He is extremely passionate about Esc and is gearing up to take our US-presence to the next level.

If you are US-based and have any contacts, potential heroes or just want to say hi you can email him here: mikey@escapethecity.org

Introducing Mr. Mikey Howe

If you were stuck with me on a desert island I would not be able to contribute a great deal to our survival, at least now I can offer you a decent conversation.

Corporate organisations are stuffed full of incredibly talented people. Amazing people who could change the world with their ideas, ambition and motivation but so often they are stuck on the corporate crazy train.

You might be one of them…

Our whole lives we are told what to do. I didn’t know what to study at University so I was told to do Economics. Didn’t enjoy it that much, too much of the theory just doesn’t seem to apply to the real world.

At University I was told to use my degree to become an accountant or a banker, these were meant to be the best jobs, most well paid.

I had a short stint in the Foreign Office which was genuinely interesting. Nevertheless I gave it up to do what I had been told to do just like most people.

I wasn’t following a passion, I was just following the herd. As a result I was stuck for four years doing boring crap that had no meaning to me and contributed nothing to society.

If you are reading this, you are amazing.

You are just like the other inspirational people who have signed up to Esc and are either doing something or plan to one day to do something incredible.

Don’t be boring, be remarkable.

I haven’t saved any money.

I just have faith that its going to work out.

Below is my final week in a bank in contrast to my first week with Esc…

Final week in a bank:

  • 5:30 wake up
  • Sit for 12 hours staring at my screens
  • Lunch at my desk
  • Work on some spreadsheets
  • Make money for people I don’t know who already have too much
  • Repeat 5 times

First week at Esc:

  • Go to the England vs Ghana match with an amazing organisation called Right to Dream and six of their Ghanaian academy graduates, learn all about the good work football academies are doing for education in West Africa.
  • Go to Sarah Outen’s launch for her 2.5 year kayak trip around the world, meet with other likeminded people and discuss the amazing adventures they have planned
  • Meet with some incredible web developers, learn about a world completely foreign to me. Feel like I’m in The Social Network.
  • Read some amazing Esc Hero stories, publish them on the site. People are doing some fascinating things with their lives.
  • Interview with City AM on the Esc story, get up to speed on the remarkable things Dom and Rob have done in the last year and become part of the story.
  • Interview with Bloomberg journalist on moving from banking to helping similar people escape.
  • Start planning my mission to help as many people as I can to escape their boring jobs and make the most of their time on earth.

What next?

I’d urge anyone with an idea, a passion, a desire to do something different, to at the very least explore the possibility of changing your day to day life for the better.

If you don’t know what’s out there and what possibilities the world has to offer, Esc is the place to start discovering.

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