Freya sent us an email back in February (you can read it below) asking whether she could come and help us out for a few weeks. She said that helping us out for free was hugely preferable to spending her days watching daytime TV and searching boring job sites. So we offered her a 4-week work experience aimed at a mutual exchange of value…

She helps us with hunting for exciting opportunities (which she would have been doing at home anyway), profiling inspirational people (esc heroes) and various other campaigns and projects that we’re running. In exchange we put together a 20-day learning programme (name to be confirmed – that’s Freya’s responsibility) which involves lots of reading, workshopping, drinking tea and discussing stuff that we wish we had known back when we graduated.

The objective at the end of the Esc-perience (did I just write that?) is for her to have a much clearer idea of what she is looking for and how to actually get it. So we’re working on everything from CVs and cover letters to target companies, introductions and networking, and plans for getting her foot in the door.

Thanks very much for all your help Freya. It has been a lot of fun so far!

Yet Another Lost Soul…

“Hello there,

After a brief flirtation with Farringdon, I found myself on your website.

Now, I realise I get no points for originality with that remark, however seeing as you assume the following of all damsels in distress:

“If you’re reading this, you’re presumably a successful professional. You’ve paid your dues, worked hard and developed some great skills and experiences.”

I may have an ‘in’ after all….. I am 23, graduated in May last year with a First in Arabic and French, and worked for a language service provider in their interpreting dept for 3 months before realising it wasn’t for me. (as you can see I haven’t exactly paid my dues yet!!)

Although there is no doubt that the sensible thing to do would have been to stick it out and sniff out other more exciting opportunities whilst still earning to avoid the shamefaced return to the nest, I let my heart rule my head and handed in my notice. oops

After 2 days at home I feel…

Stuck – you know that this is not the right work for you, yet it’s hard to figure out what is right

Frustrated – you have great skills and experience but can’t see how to apply them to a role you’d enjoy

(extracts from esc site)

So… tick, tick there.

I have always been an uncompromising idealist, who needs to believe wholeheartedly in what i’m doing to show my full potential, and so your website is a breath of fresh air.

Ideally I would like to be busy, using my languages and making a worthwhile contribution in a dynamic team…well I did say I was an idealist!

Any advice or direction you could muster would be very much appreciated, until then I’ll try to stay off the day time tv.

All the best,

Freya Griffiths”

Meet Escape the City’s favourite new intern

That’s pretty much how it all started… The next week I came in to meet Dom and Rob. My brother told me not to wear…well pretty much anything in my existing wardrobe and “to try and seem normal” – taking that advice firmly on board I turned up in a bright purple artist’s smock, colourful leggings, wearing a single feather earring…’no point trying to be something you’re not’, I thought.

The Monday after, I reported for my first day of duty as ‘the esc intern.’ I just realised after days/weeks of staring at ‘exciting’ job opportunities on sites like Reed and totaljobs that I was never going to find my dream job sat at home waiting for it to drop into my inbox! I had to make my own luck. So having heard about esc from my older brother, I decided to email them to see if there was any way that I could be an escapee without being trapped in the first place.  It would be nice to leave that stage out all together wouldn’t it?!

Working with Dom and Rob has really given me the kick up the backside I needed. It has shown me that there ARE people out there doing something different, something they love and making a success of it. I’m not going to pretend that I have any idea what I am going to do next, but for the first time since graduating I feel excited and positive about the journey!! (The parents are still having some trouble sleeping though! Sorry Mum and Dad :D)

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