I was recently speaking to a friend about how things are going with Esc. We were talking about the seemingly endless web development challenges that come from being a non-technical start-up founder.

He told me about his friend who is building a web start-up. His friend said this: “It’s hard – but I  totally knew what sort of lifestyle I was buying into when I started this.”

It doesn’t get any easier

I also mentioned that the more you progress with your business, the more challenges you encounter.

Don’t get me wrong, Esc is going really well and if someone had told us where we would be 12 months after launching I wouldn’t have believed them.

But it’s interesting that at the beginning (when all we had was an idea, a blog, and a few dozen readers) we had no doubt that we would easily turn the Esc concept into a powerful community and a working business.

We still have no doubt that we can do this. But wow it requires concerted, consistent, focused effort! Hustle, graft, and working until your wrists hurt (from typing) and your eyesight starts going!

Starting a business is like climbing a massive mountain

Starting a business is like climbing a massive mountain. In the foothills you’re full of blissful ignorance and optimism. The going is often easy and you cover lots of ground quickly (after all, you’re just starting out – and any momentum is more than what you had before when you were static).

You can’t even see the top of the mountain at the start but you’re absolutely certain you’ll get there.

As you continue on your journey you summit false ridges from which you see scarier ascents and bigger cliffs to climb.

But the great thing is, you’re also getting stronger, fitter and more experienced. So although the climbing is getting harder, you’re getting better at dealing with the challenges.

At the end of the day all you need to climb most mountains is determination.

Keep chugging…

Determination is also all you really need to start your own business. Everything else is secondary.

So here is some advice from our own journey – and god knows we’re still right at the beginning of it too…

  • Don’t spend too much time thinking about the top when you’re at the bottom or you’ll never start
  • Celebrate the small victories on the way up – it’s going to be a big climb
  • Concentrate on your immediate environment and the steps you need to take to get to the next resting point

People starting businesses often say: ‘if I had known how hard it was going to be when I started I probably wouldn’t have done it.’

I don’t think any of them actually mean that.

We definitely don’t.

Photo credit: http://startupquote.com/

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