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Advice for ‘Starting Something You Love’ – #14: Zoe Hine

by Rob on February 22, 2011

At the beginning of 2011 we started a campaign called Start Something You Love. We kicked it off on 19th January with our big Esc winter party in front of 600 people at Guanabara bar in central London.

We are now following it up with 365 bits of advice from real people who are doing interesting and inspirational things with their lives. And we asked them all the same question:




Be enthusiastic and focussed, have a business plan before you start out however be willing to change your plans if your business takes on a different shape. provides a service to its members and therefore if people tell me that they don’t like something/want a different service then I need to assess and address this need.

In the early days, I wish I had taken heed from friends and family that setting up a business on your own can be very isolating at times. I later decided to get a little dog from Battersea dogs home to keep me company during the day and to give me an excuse to get out of the house every day to clear my head. I also recently started attending networking events at Ecademy and The Athena Network which have proven to be invaluable; not only for my sanity but in relation to the wonderful support and contacts I have built.

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