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Advice for ‘Starting Something You Love’ – #11: Tim Moss

by Rob on February 19, 2011

At the beginning of 2011 we started a campaign called Start Something You Love. We kicked it off on 19th January with our big Esc winter party in front of 600 people at Guanabara bar in central London.

We are now following it up with 365 bits of advice from real people who are doing interesting and inspirational things with their lives. And we asked them all the same question:




Don’t think about it too hard, don’t try to convince yourself, just start the motions.

Order some books/magazines about whatever you’re interested in; go to or organise a club/meeting/social about it; start a savings account/website/project folder with your idea’s name on it; call up or email the charity official/bank manager/coach/employer and start a dialogue.

I can’t tell you exactly what those motions are because I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve but you know what you need to do. You can never know in advance what the right decision is and there are more questions about this sort of thing than you could ever possibly have answered.

So just start taking the first small steps and, by the time you look up, you may have walked further than you think.

The Next Challenge – Tim Moss



  • Tim Moss

    I’m sure that should be “you’re” not “your” on the second line of this guy’s answer. I hope his advice is his better than his grammar.

    • Rob – Escape the City

      Great advice. Corrected grammar. Nice spot!

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