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SSYL from an Esc Member’s perspective…

Hermione Taylor, Esc Hero and founder of The DoNation sent us this email having attended our Esc winter party. We’ve been through many of the same emotions ourselves. An interesting read for anyone thinking of ‘doing their own thing’…

I was just bubbling with inspiration and envy as I left… pining an adventure like never before.  It was such an amazingly fitting night for me, and really got me reflecting on what I’m doing and why. My whole journey with The DoNation started as a simple lust to go on a big adventure, and cycle to Morocco… hearing Al and Ed speak really bought back that burning feeling, excitement, and freedom of adventure – something that I fear I’ve moved far too far away from now!

Both Lara and Zarine’s talks also rang so true, so painfully true… whilst massively inspiring, they also made me question wtf I’m doing to myself… I never pined for the challenging, risky, terrifying, and lonely slog of entrepreneurship, so why the hell am I doing it? I was chewing over this on the walk home, wondering why I’m lining myself up for a daunting life of managing nightmare employees, huge risk, and insane workloads, and being unable to drop all responsibilities on a whim and head off around the world on some crazy adventure.

Then I realised the answer was simple, and fully summed up in the title of your event… because I wanted to start something I love. I may not love all that’s involved – especially the employee management thing and spending my nights on financial forecasts, VAT returns, and refining legal contracts – but I sure as hell love the the cause that I’m fighting for, the potential it has to make a difference, and the fact that I’m doing something that I couldn’t be more passionate about.  It might be at the expense of my sanity and my social life, but eh, we can’t have everything…

I just need to work out how to tie another big cycle adventure into my launch plans…. hmm.