The story behind the picture:

“Around three years ago, I realized I wanted to experience more outside of my career-driven lifestyle. After many experiments, I walked away from a successful career in Information Technology in early 2010 to focus on exploring the world, raising money for charity, and inspiring others through my writing and photography.”

“What began as a desire to escape for a while has turned into an adventure lifestyle focused on exploring the people, culture, and landscape of the entire world.

In just over a year, I have ridden unconventional vehicles across Peru, Bolivia, India, and all of North America (into the Arctic Circle). I’ve trained combat sports in Thailand, traveled across Nepal and Cambodia, and raised thousands of dollars for charity. Soon I will return to South America to complete an unfinished trip with the goal of exploring the entire continent on three wheels.

Throughout all these adventures I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs, hundreds of hours of video, and engaged with people over the internet through my blog, Facebook,and Twitter.

Ultimately my goal is to inspire others with the truth that things are often so much easier than we think.”

Read Pete’s Hero profile here.

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