The story behind the picture:

Travelling through Kyrgyzstan on a beat-up old bus, I was reading a text book on mountaineering. Arguably I should have done this before attempting the first British ascent of a 6,000-metre peak but better late than never. One piece of general advice stuck with me – “You get the best photos when you least want to take them” – and believe me, having spent the night on a 9-inch platform above a 45-degree snow slope, I did not want to take this one.

By all tangible measures the expedition was a disaster. Near starvation, near death experiences and nowhere near any summits. But for all its awfulness it remains as probably the most formative experience of my life and still, after all these years, my favourite expedition.

About Tim:

Tim is a legend. He wrote the best email we’ve ever received in reaction to the Esc concept. He resigned from his job (Esc Hero profile) to start up around the same time as we left to start Esc. He does fantastic work helping people with their adventures.

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