Something remarkable is happening in a room in a famous old club in WC2, London.

Six highly skilled corporate professionals are gathered round a table plotting their Escapes.

Each member is committed to their plan – to “Do Something Different”.  They’re ready, willing and able to create a new and exciting career path.

How does it work?

The group is supported by two experienced coaches – they’ve made their own Escapes and are on a mission to help others follow suit.

Every step of the way, the Escapees are guided in finding out what makes them tick, exploring the possibilities and setting challenging and exciting goals.

As the momentum builds with each meeting each member develops the confidence to make the plan into a reality.  They have everything they need to change their life and find work they love.

After the last session, the group stays in contact with each other the coaches and Escape the City to share their successes – and fill out their Escape Hero story.

Are you ready?

We’re looking for the next Escape Committee members.

This is for Escape Members who are serious about doing something different.

Places are limited and filling up quickly, so if you think you’d be a good candidate, please click here to send us a message and register your interest.

We’ll get in touch to schedule a short introductory call to see if the Escape Committee would be a good fit for you.

What others think…

The Escape Committee is a powerful new way to plan and execute a career change.

The Escape Coaches, Phil and Susie deliver career workshops for many organizations including Teach First, LSE, The Foreign Office, Credit Suisse and Deloitte.

We’re on a mission to get people doing work they find fulfilling and meaningful.

Here is some recent feedback from our workshops:

“We worked on individual visions for careers and discussed strategies to pursue them. It has given me confidence. Brilliant your enthusiasm shines through”

“Feel very confident now and understand what I don’t want to do and why – developed a strategy to find a job in Ethiopia”

“Loved hearing others peoples experiences and drawing on their knowledge”

“Energizing, refreshing, confident and clear, interested in the individual.  Very hands on  – great. Lots of input and all very relevant.”

If you you’d be interested in taking part in the next Escape Committee, click here to get in touch and we’ll talk.

To find out more details about the Escape Committee, click here.

Or just email us directly: coaching[@]

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