Hi everyone – please get behind Em’s campaign to be 2011’s Paradise Hunter. She’s the only Brit in the final 40 and probably has more energy than the other 39 contestants put together. Please jump on and take 3 seconds out of your day to give her a vote. Thanks! Dom & Rob – VOTE HERE

OK so that headline is unfair – Sorry. I definitely do want to travel the world for my job. However so do thousands of other people, which is why I am ridiculously excited to have made it to the final 40 of the Paradise Hunter Travel TV Show Host Search Competition.

Wow, that is quite a mouthful but who cares when the winner gets paid $60,000 USD to travel the world, hosting a show to find their version of paradise. I know it sounds too good to be true but it gets better; once you’ve found your paradise, you are given a property of up to $150,000 in that country as well. Literally just writing down what I could potentially win makes me jump up and down.

On the 1st January 2009, I decided that I would quit my job as a financial headhunter to chase my dream of becoming the next Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Dermott O’Leary. You get the picture and here I am nearly two incredible years later, getting closer and closer to landing the dream job.

Since quitting my job, I have presented for a ski channel, scrubbed toilets, handed out flyers, been a nanny, worshipped the Escape the City boys (if you don’t know who they are, you should be ashamed) and lived out in Cape Town for a year presenting and organising a 31 day music festival over the World Cup.

I am now back, jobless and penniless but have really found the most incredible job I have ever seen and getting people to vote is how I am going to make the top 10. So please please please help me avoid going back into the world of desks and paper and vote for me to host 2011’s Paradise Hunter show.

I will pack everyone in my suitcase to say thank you. Literally.


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