We’ve long been fans of the Adventurists. In fact we’re rather jealous of them. They have built a tribe of people around making the world less boring. Their – now world famous – Mongol rally is the stuff of legends and each year they make a stack of cash for charity. So it was a great pleasure when they gave us a call to ask if we wanted to get involved with their Film Festival being held in London 9th April 2011.
It’s going to be a showcase of the very best scare-yourself-stupid adventures caught on camera plus talks (headlined by Ed Stafford talking about his rather long Amazon walk), prizes and loads of other good stuff.
Plus if you have an adventure masterpiece that you would like to submit for the festival you can submit it here as they are now accepting entries.
There are two categories open to the public:
1) The Three Minute Wonder category:
Open to everyone who can squash glorious mayhem into a the time it takes to boil a kettle to make a good cup of tea.
2) The self-filmed-seat-of-your-pants adventure category (5-20 mins):
Open to anyone who has been foolish, sneaky or brave enough to embark on their own adventure with a camera and film themselves getting into a multitude of pickles.
Festival to be held Saturday 9th April 2010 at the home of the Great British Exploration the Royal Geographic Society London.
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