This week Rob and I were reflecting on our Monday morning newsletter and how it has changed since we sent out the first one all those weeks ago (Sept 2009).  The newsletter has certainly developed from those early days.

For a start the competition to get into the Top 10 is a lot higher and 16,500+ people have opted into receive it. However while the content is better we feel we may have slipped in the way it is delivered!

We’ve tried various formats over the past year and this week, as we were going through them reminiscing on all the peaches we’ve sent out we realised we may have over complicated things.

We know our members are busy people so our main aim is to produce the newsletter so it can be scanable in about 30 seconds. Lots of text is a no no, as are paragraphs.

We think lists and bullets win. Spaces also don’t work that well.

So we’ve gone back to basics and produced something that is as simple as it gets.

So here is the new format

What do you mean they look the same!

Still all the same content just with out all the spaces and all the words.

What do you think?

Which version do you prefer?

Every bit of feedback that is received we think long and hard over so please do tell us what you.

As ever thanks so much

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