Al Humphreys recently listed up his favourite blogs on his site – here –  and he was kind enough to include us in his list. This had the double effect of making us feel pleased that we had made the cut at the same time as making us feel guilty that we haven’t been blogging as much as we would like!

So… first of all – thanks Al – if we could reach even a fraction of your blogging prowess we would be chuffed!

Secondly… Here are some blogs that I enjoy to be added to the mixer (sorry if there’s any overlap with Al’s list – this is a quick cruise through my Google Reader)…

Esc’s top blogs over the past 6 months:


  • The Adventure Blog – shares stories of really epic stuff going on around the world.
  • Ride-Earth – coming to the end of some serious global cycling.
  • Roz Savage – eco-adventurer, ocean rower, ex-mgt consultant, some great life advice.
  • Al Humphreys – obviously
  • Tim Moss – The Next Challenge
  • Ed Stafford – Walking the Amazon (now finished, but an impressive feat of on-the-ground blogging)

Doing Something Different:


Other Interesting Stuff:

  • James Ramsden – on food. He’s funny & writes well
  • Dan Pink – the dude behind Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  • Matthew Taylor – Chief Exec of the RSA
  • Open Society – Skillshare & collaboration amongst young entrepreneurs & grads
  • TED – obviously. Videos.
  • The Sartorialist – I know nothing about fashion. Nor am I particularly interested. Love this for some reason

What are we not reading that we should be?

  • Which blogs do you read?
  • Who should we be reading?

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