… or is the volume of exciting new business ideas out there increasing?

Perhaps it’s just because Dom and I now come into contact with more start-ups because of what we’re doing and who we’re meeting.

Or perhaps more and more people are deciding to ‘do their own thing’?

Everywhere I turn I hear of interesting business ideas springing up.

Lots of them are addressing the same area but from different angles…

Check these out

Love Your Niche – The Job Curiosity Site. I think it’s going to do exactly what you would imagine it will do. Best of luck to Alice with the project.

MoveMeOn – To match candidates with a tailored set of recruitment firms / headhunters based on their experience and what they want to do next. Really enjoyed our beers with Rich & Nick – the guys behind this idea.

Launchlings – Enabling like-minded people to connect and develop their fledgling ventures in a supportive online environment. Like the name. Love the logo.

Pankhurst Page – Promoting and supporting British entrepreneurs. One half of this deadly PR duo is my sister – whose escape we helped engineer!

Similar post-launch ventures include Enternships, Open Society, The Next Challenge and Sandbox.

What’s going on?

My house-mate surprised me early one day at breakfast by geeking out about Kondratiev Waves (essentially macro-economic cycles). The theory is that entrepreneurial growth and innovation occurs most in the worst economic periods – where people are faced with a dearth of opportunities and respond with their own solutions.

Are people more entrepreneurial today than they were 10 years ago? Has the recession prompted more people to do their own thing rather than take the standard mainstream path? Has the internet made it easier than ever to start a business with no money (yes)?

Have you spotted what links all these ideas yet?

They’re united by a shared reaction against the pressure to toe the line, to keep your head down, and by a determination to spend the best years of your life doing work that matters to you.

It’s exciting to see so many proactive people deciding to reject the cards that the economy / the job market / or the corporate mainstream have dealt them and decide to do something about it, something different!

What’s your idea?

Picture courtesy of TheBlazingSaddles.com

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