Less than 12 months ago EsctheCity.com was launched with no more than a rather basic blue blog. A straight-out-of-the-wrapper type blog. The type you look back on and think ‘what were we thinking?!’

We also had a load of PowerPoint slides outlining our vague aim to build a “community of like-minded people who believed there was more to life than working in the City”. Rob and I agreed we’d ‘soft launch’ the blog by sending it out to 30 people. (It later transpired that he had actually sent it to everyone he’d ever got an email from!) – <oops, sorry about that mate – worked out for the best though! Rob>

Early interest

At first the blog was a bit of a catch-all for anything we found interesting and relevant (well almost) in terms of escaping the “City”.  There was my escape diary, Rob’s brilliant ‘How to’s’ and the comical rants from our very own ‘City Boy’. We also somehow managed to get a piece on Forbes.com!

Despite its shortcomings it served us very well and we quickly grew a following. By December 2009 we had our first 1,000 fans and it was at this stage we realised we’d better have a proper crack at it.

The next phase

So, with a tiny bit of cash saved we packed in our jobs and decided to give it a go. We worked full time and developed a brand new site. With a little help from our friend Chris Buckle the new site went live in March 2010.

The new direction

So nearly 1 year after the first blog was written here is the new blog. Rather than a catch-all career change / advice blog we’ve decided we’re going to use it as our opportunity to narrate the story behind the building of Escape the City.org. It will contain all the latest news along with it the highs, the lows, the things we learn and the things we fail to learn!

We hope that it may inspire others to also take the leap, show others that it is possible, share our learnings and of course entertain those who remain sceptical!

If you too are interested, join us on our journey.

Welcome to our new blog!

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