“We are defined by the jobs we choose. Escape the City have successfully diagnosed that, for a host of reasons (parental pressure, status anxiety, the feeling of time at one’s back), many people choose jobs that leave them dramatically under-fulfilled and under-stimulated. “The City” is thus defined not in geographical or occupational terms – but as a state-of-mind; and Rob and Dom are keen to argue that the symptoms of this state-of-mind (powerlessness, a sense of entrapment) can haunt the rock-star as easily as it can the shipbroker. Their posted Opportunities; their invitations to connect with like-minded people; more than that, the whole camaraderie of perceiving that there are others who feel as you do all help to facilitate and lubricate City escape routes. I think it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Will Orr-Ewing – Keystone Tutors.

Thanks Will! What does escape the city mean to you? To me it means:

“Surely there is more to life than doing work that doesn’t matter to you?”

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