GUEST POST: There are so many exciting opportunities on Escape the City; how do you begin to work out what’s right for you and reflect on who you are, the experiences you have gained to date and where you want to be in the future? Here are ten really important questions for you to consider – it would be great to have some  feedback and comments – I’m going to expand on each of these questions later in my blog….

My name is Susie Lawrence. I run my own career consultancy, Runway – and specialise in working with young professionals – assisting in the self reflection process and reviewing options for the future.

Conduct Your Own Personal Audit

What are the ten most important questions that you need to ask yourself?

  1. Do I get my energy and inspiration from the people around me or from my inner world?
  2. Do I want to be known for being an expert or do I want to be managing and leading others?
  3. What does ‘success’ mean to me?
  4. I want to ‘make a difference’ in the work that I do; what does this mean for me?
  5. Do I want autonomy and independence in my working life?
  6. How will my next plan fit into my long term strategy? Am I keeping enough options open if I change my mind?
  7. Do I look working with factual and concrete information or am I orientated to patterns, meanings and attuned to seeing new possibilities?
  8. Do I want a regulated, scheduled working life or do I want to be more flexible and spontaneous in planning my time?
  9. Do I make my decisions using a logical analytical framework or am I guided more by personal values and the impact of my decisions on other people?
  10. Am I always seeking new challenges? What are the implications of this preference?

I would really appreciate your thoughts on these questions – as I would like to expand further on each of these points for you…

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