One of the first things we learnt when we decided to build Escape the City was that whatever idea, plan or project you are working on, the only way to work out whether it is actually going to work in practice is to start.

That doesn’t mean that you have to risk your shirt on a concept. It just means that you should get the ball rolling.

We’ve actually plagiarised this advice from Innocent’s book: ‘A Book About Innocent: our story and some things we’ve learned‘. It’s good advice.

Start, start small, but start.

We applied that advice at the end of August 2009 when we sat on the bench in the park in Wimbledon, drank a beer in the setting sun, and agreed to start our blog. 6 months later we have 12,000 members on our website, have been in the national press, and are busy turning our concept into a business.

Just Start.

PS. Was trying to think of a relevant way to incorporate this photo… but can’t. Caption competition anybody? “Moral of the story: quit your job, start your own business, and spend Tuesday mornings in a canoe…”

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