Someone recently asked us what are some of the most exciting things that happened to us while we were developing the idea behind Esc and building the website. Obviously, every time someone emails us to say ‘Hi, we really like your concept’ we’re thrilled. Check this out for an example (received today from an absolute legend who has been helping us with some legal stuff):

‘thanks to you guys I had the guts to quit my job and get on with things, so I’m the one in your debt – honestly! Also, I’ve been reading some of the books you recommended, and they’ve been fantastic… thus any remaining possible debt has been paid off in book recommendations’

Here is a list of some of the most exciting stuff that we have got up to…

Ben Keene saying that the Esc team was welcome to relocate to the location of TribeWanted2 (exact location a secret) as ‘first footers’ when the community starts in June 2010. Wireless on the beach. There’s a tempting proposition! [PS. glad to hear everyone on Vorovoro is OK in the aftermath of Cyclone Thomas – appeal here]

– Our first talk was in Nov 09 from Justin Miles from (aiming to be first team to and from South Pole unsupported). He told us about the car crash that almost killed him and how it changed his perspective on life, work, achievement & success. Looking back on it it is a bizarre scene, but at the time felt normal: 4 am at the end of the night out, cooking two polar explorers a fry-up in my kitchen!

– We recently listed a job for Pulp Fruits (exciting, London-based startup). Great moment when we got a message through from them saying that they received lots of CVs in response to our listing and had a record number of hits on their website that day!

– Being in the front row of the press section at the One Young World launch. 2 metres from Boris Johnson, Bob Geldfof, Desmond Tutu & Muhammad Yunus was pretty incredible.


– We’ve received 100s of emails (see Reactions page) from people saying how much our call to action (do work that matters, leave your corporate job if it is making you unhappy) resonates with the way they feel and how much they’re looking forward to using our platform to plan their escapes. Each one reminds us that, although Esc involves a lot of hard work in order to make it sustainable in terms of revenue, we are onto a good thing and that (if we do it properly) we can genuinely help a lot of people.

– Watching one of our first members rip his tie off in front of a German film crew on the steps of the Bank of England having resigned from his investment bank a few days before was a fantastic sight. Check out the video here.

– Having Esc members from City firms come to our fortnightly meetups and offer free advice (trademarking, legal, accounting) is really great as well.

Having lunch at Google was pretty cool too

In reflection, these are all examples of the amazing and exciting things that have happened to us since we have been communicating our concept online. And each one serves to validate our decision to start Esc.

Exciting times!

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