“We are approaching a moment in history when if we do not stop and think about our everyday actions, the future we will leave for the next generation will be very bleak indeed.”

“I am working for the international NGO The Rainforest Alliance. I am based in our Guatemala Office and have just completed my first year here. I am lucky to travel a large part of the time, visiting and reporting on our projects in Central America. I recently returned from a trip to India and Vietnam with the Rainforest Alliance, learning about our work in sustainable tea for Lipton/PG Tips and sustainable coffee for Kenco.”

“I am learning lots about conservation and am proud to work for the Rainforest Alliance who are doing such great work on the ground. Guatemala is a beautiful country, with lush tropical rainforest, beautiful lakes, a rich Maya culture and smoking volcanoes.”

Meet Charlie Watson: Hero profile, Charlie’s Website

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