Soul Patel gave a masterful presentation at last week’s Esc Wednesday. He offered a new way to look at everything from the effects of consumer marketing on our subconscious to career success, to financial assets and absolute cash versus cash-flow.

A big thank you Soul – it was fantastic. If you want to be part of Soul’s next information revolution – Click here for the exclusive Esc members invite:

We won’t ruin his next talk by telling you everything here (when he gets back from practising Capoeira and learning Italian in Rome he is hopefully coming back to talk to us), however here are some of the non-financially specific things that really resonated with us in his talk…

10 things we learnt at ‘The Answer to the Money Question’

  1. Escape begins with definition. You need to define what you want to go and do… What would you do if you had £10,000, £20,000 or whatever you needed, coming into your bank account automatically every month?
  2. We need to unlearn a lot of what we think we know. We are products of the Industrial Age (i.e. cog mentality) living in the Information Age.
  3. In a lot of corporate companies when people see you they see your grade description – not the complete person behind it. This is not the way to find fulfilling work.
  4. Thinking like everybody else won’t get you very far. “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” Marcus Aurelius
  5. We are conditioned to meet emotional needs through consumption. This is a vicious circle. As more spending leads to more reliance on your job which leads to more spending.
  6. Your family is NOT an excuse to not live an inspired life – you can tell your children to follow their dreams, but they will learn from what you do, not what you say.
  7. “We see the world not as it is, but as we are” – Anais Nin. If you see possibility everywhere then you’ll find yourself faced with lots of exciting opportunities. If you feel stuck and focus your mind on reasons for not doing something – then of course you’ll stay where you are.
  8. The main purpose of the human mind is to ensure our survival – so it will resist any change as much as possible – since change did once mean the risk of death. Check out what Seth Godin says about the Lizard Brain in Linchpin.
  9. The voice in your head is past conditioning from parents, peers, authoritative sources and experiences. It can make you resist or not even see possibilities around you to escape.
  10. You have one great advantage at the moment – yes, your job! The major thing your job provides you with is cash flow, however most people squander this…

Point number 10 leads into the crux of Soul’s expertise (which is ably proved by the fact that he has in fact become financially free through practising what he preaches)… namely:

How to unlearn what you know and think you know about money. How to re-jig your finances and create an escape plan.

I’ll leave the rest of that content to any future guest posts we might be able to persuade him to do and to his Revolutionary Guides (see below).

Thanks Soul – have fun in Rome.


“Sick of your job? Tired of being told advised what to do with your life and finding it completely unfulfilling? Soul was there too not so long ago and managed to get out. He’s creating a special set of Revolutionary Guides to change up how we think about careers and money and has an exclusive special offer for Esc members. Please click on the link here to find out more!

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