Seth Godin provides a few gems in this podcast interview in The Startup Success Podcast.

You should also read his latest blog post: Everyone’s model of work is a job

We particularly enjoyed his answer to the question:

‘What will be the biggest business trends over the next 5 years?’

“The businesses that will win are the businesses that organise tribes of people that want to hear from them, that want to connect with each other and that want to make change happen.

“This idea of treating individuals as separate, disconnected points – whether those individuals are business customers or consumers – is over.

“As everyone gets the power to tweet or blog or post on facebook, as every business becomes more intertwined with others… the winners will be those that find and organise groups of people that want to be organised.”

Why did we appreciate his answer?

Because, if you’re reading this, we hope that you’re one of the many young professionals who relate to what we’re doing and want to be part of our Tribe.

It’s not rocket science but it is a new concept for a lot of businesses and it is certainly a lot more fun than starting a traditional transactional business with buyers and suppliers.

Our advice?

Read Tribes, reflect on how you could apply it to your idea, and get online and make something happen…

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