Because, because, because…

  • Because when we were planning to move on from our corporate jobs 12 months ago we realised that there are masses of resources to help you get that dream mainstream job, but not much that actually helps you transition away from it if and when you decide you want to
  • Because, when we began questioning why we weren’t fulfilled in our seemingly good jobs, we realised that we were far from being alone in how we felt. We realised that absolutely masses of young professionals feel the same way
  • Because we want to help the thousands of other people who are feeling stuck in their jobs, trying to work out what they should and could be doing with their lives
  • Because we believe that many people who have worked in the city are extremely well-qualified, highly motivated and, if given an exciting, inspiring and fulfilling opportunity, could make a tremendous impact on any organisation
  • Because we want to create something that genuinely helps people improve their lives and the lives of others – something that we can be proud of
  • Because what better way could there to escape the city than by building a platform to help the masses of people who want to do the same thing?!

What are we trying to achieve?

  • Help young professionals who are unfulfilled and frustrated with their jobs and their careers
  • Provide them with ideas, information and inspiration to help them make the necessary moves to find occupations that suit them
  • Find unique and interesting job opportunities that will excite, inspire and fulfill them
  • Connect people to help them achieve great things together
  • Build it with our members’ input and feedback
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