Happy Monday Morning!

Things are extremely busy in Esc world getting the main website up and running and finalising plans for the launch party too.

Just read this article on the Sandbox-Network’s blog and it really struck a chord. I’m sure they’ll forgive the plagiarism…

“More than ever, young people have a strong desire to do something meaningful in their lives. We see 25-year olds having their quarter-life crisis and asking themselves about their purpose in life and how it impacts society. We think it’s not just youthful idealism: an increasing number of people are making bold decisions to follow their passion, even if it’s sometimes an uncertain path.┬áThis new “passion generation”, as we call it, mixes their drive for meaningful impact with another old concept: capitalism.”

Passion Industry… I like it!

They coined it.

We’re proud to be entering it.

Check out Sandbox – they’ve got a thriving community and are involved in some really exciting projects.


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