Escape the City provides exciting options for young professionals who want to do something different.

Escape the City is not about leaving your job and cruising off around the world on a permanent holiday.  It is about taking the skills you have learnt in the corporate sector and using them to do worthwhile things elsewhere.

We are not anti-corporate or anti-work

–       We are anti ‘people stuck in ruts’.

–       We are anti ‘people doing jobs they don’t enjoy’.

–       We are anti ‘people feeling like they don’t have any options’.

This is what we care passionately about

Our platform will help people:

–       Find jobs they will enjoy

–       Start businesses

–       Do amazing adventures

Go on, change the world

We believe that the more you enjoy what you are doing, the more likely it is that you are going to have a positive impact on the world.

Other than being happy and having amazing experiences (which come from enjoying what you’re doing), what could be more important?

Escape the City is for ambitious, talented young people who want to spend their time making a difference, having an impact, and being fulfilled by whatever work they chose to focus their energy on

Are you one of them?  Join us.

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