Happy New Year!

What’s in store for the coming twelve months?

One of our 10 commandments (which we’ll share with you shortly) is to build something genuinely useful for people who want to escape the city.

Although we’re confident that our main website (coming in January) is going to be pretty exciting, the goalposts will undoubtedly move as we build Esc because another of our commandments is to build it with our member’s input.

Which means we want to evolve the website based on your feedback.

However, at the same time, we have some very clear goals as to what our priorities are for 2010.

The main things we want to achieve in 2010:

1. Have a BIG January!

January is going to be a huge month for Esc… we’re unveiling our website and having a 600-person launch party at Guanabara bar in London. Our launch will set the tone for the rest of the year and we want to use that momentum to propel us towards our other two objectives…

2. Build a great site.

The reactions we have received since starting Esc have proved that our concept resonates with those of you who want to do something different. We now need to repay the initial attention and encouragement by building something great. So our next challenge is to deliver a website with really useful and entertaining content, great usability, and lots of useful tools to help you start planning your escape.

3. Grow our community.

Esc is just a concept without the people who use the site. In order for us to achieve our aim of becoming the place for young professionals to find alternative jobs we need momentum. This can only come from you! With a combination of the website and our real-life London-based events we are aiming to build up a community of active Escape the City members throughout 2010.

What about the cash side of things?

The question we are most often asked is ‘how are you going to make any money with Esc?’

We have some solid plans for how to build Esc into a sustainable model (which we will explain in our FAQ section on the main site) and we have a game plan for personally keeping our heads above water until we do.

However, we have always said that our primary objective is to build something genuinely useful. If we do this right we will have plenty of opportunities for Esc to pay for itself in due course. We don’t want to compromise the integrity of our three objectives above by focusing too heavily on cash at this stage!

A lot to achieve in one year?

People often say that it’s amazing how little you can achieve in a week but how much you can achieve in a year. We’re trying to build something genuinely useful to help lots of you make those changes that you’re aspiring to but haven’t yet managed. We’ve got some big things to achieve but are confident of making some serious progress over the next 12 months.

We’re pulling together all of these ideas in our Manifesto which we’re launching with the new website in a couple of weeks time.

And if this all sounds like your cup of tea – then wait till you see the video that Dom has been putting together over Christmas. We’ll share it with you shortly.

Happy New Year and thanks for everything in 2009 – 2010 is going to be a big year!

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