1. What are you currently doing with your life?

My name is Emily Bell and I am attempting to become the next big thing on TV.

I’m currently presenting for ski programmes, helping out with Escape the City (interviewing Esc Heroes!), organizing a Bar Mitzvah, working on film sets… The list goes on…

2. What does this involve on a day-to-day basis?

Every day is different, which is exactly what I love. Routine scares me, bores me and makes me go out of my mind. Every day I’m working with different people. I’ve met SO many people over the last year and everyone in the land of media is super friendly and so willing to help. It’s incredible. In terms of TV presenting, I have been putting together my website – headshots, show reel etc.


I meet with every single person that I think can help me. I stalk and research everything I can…

I walk EVERYWHERE because I have the time. Life is good…

Emily-Bell.-low-res-13. What did you do before?

For 1 ½ years, I sat at a desk for 12 hours a day for with silly fake lights, doing financial headhunting. The people rocked so it took me a while to think “WHAT AM I DOING?!” The people are great, the work can give you a serious buzz and it works for loads of people… I just couldn’t handle planning for the weekend the entire week. I live in a world where I want every day to rock my world.

4. How long have you dreamt of doing this?

From the age of 0, my Mum always thought I should have been an actress but I can’t act… So presenting was putting on a show without having to be anyone else…

5. What inspired you to do it?

What was the moment of truth when you realised that you would turn the dream into a reality?

New years eve 2008/9… I thought “I actually can’t go back”. I realized how much my job wasn’t for me at about 11pm and by midnight, I had made the decision to do something about it.

6. From a practical perspective, how did you plan for it?

If you are a practical person, ignore me… I literally did nothing to plan for quitting and made the decision in about 24 hours! Before Christmas, I had no energy, sat on the end of my bed at 6am and just wanted to scream my head off at the thought of sitting at a desk. Then I would drag my butt to the gym, to my desk, home and start all over again. The thought of going back to the office in 2009 and doing that for any longer made me realize it was time. I’m also a complete dreamer, so the drama and spontaneity was also part of the fun…

Since quitting, I was introduced to two incredible presenters who run www.presentersinc.co.uk – If you are interested in getting into presenting, speak to them. They are brilliant. I did lots of running work for them and then they helped me prepare, film and edit my show reel. They are also seriously helpful in the entire world of presenting. They know what they are talking about. Other than that, I have taken on every single opportunity that could potentially introduce me to people, get my name out there etc… I’m sending out my website and show reel as we speak, so I’ll keep you posted!

7. How are you funding it?

I think I’m quite lucky. Other people may disagree. I live on a sofa at the end of my parents bed at 24! Not so cool but I have been saving up from all the work I’ve been doing and enjoy every single day. Life is seriously good. I would rather live on my parents sofa and do what I’m doing, a million times more than live in a pretty room and be bored out of my mind with my job.


8. What was the hardest thing about making this happen?

The presenting world is seriously competitive. There are millions of chicks that want to get on TV… but the jobs I’ve done so far have come from meeting people on nights out. So you never know where your next job is going to come from! Don’t take the rejection personally and keep going!

9. What is the best thing about making this happen?

I love every single day. Walking around all day instead of being tied to a desk. Meeting so many rocking people. I also traveled and filmed round Nepal and India for two months over the summer!

dory10. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Dory in Finding Nemo says – “Just keep swimming”

11. What advice would you give to other people?

Don’t give up and also the most likeable people on TV are natural so be yourself… That sounds corny…

12. What resources have you found really useful?

Sally Gray and Jonas Hurst – www.presentersinc.co.uk – THE PEOPLE TO KNOW!

Contacts 2010 – Lists everyone that you need to know in the media world!

Rob and Dom – After the first Escape the City event, I got a work placement at a production company, I was introduced to a presenter, a director and also got my own e-mail address with them and started helping out. They rock! The first speaker, Justin Miles, has been sending out my website for me so he rocks too. Also I’ve met so many freaking dreamers. I love that…

13. What else?

If you want to laugh your head off, check out www.embell.co.uk

14. Are you interested in being video interviewed for the site?

Can I interview myself?

15. Are you interested in being contacted for advice?

Sure… But I’m not sure if I can give anyone else advice yet. Maybe once I’ve got my first major job!

Oh… and one last piece of advice [this is from Rob, not Emily]… if your friends tell you that you would be great in their ski video… they don’t necessarily mean on the SLOPES!!



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