We have been running this site since the beginning of September. When we realised that more people than just our Mums and various bored friends would be reading it we thought we would ask a few questions while we had the opportunity.

The ‘Esc Survey’ has now been answered by a few hundred people and we thought we would share some of the results with you:

People don’t want to stay put

Been in JobStay in Job

More than half of our respondents have only been in their jobs for 2 years. 79% have been in their jobs for less than 3 years.

They are at a relatively early stage in their careers…

And yet, fully 57% of them intend to move on within 2 years

That’s a lot of people looking for new jobs

Why do you work? What do you want?

We asked a few more questions about people’s attitudes towards work, their careers and their jobs:

Less than 10% have found their vocation

Almost 70% would like to work abroad at some point

1/3rd of them are actively looking for alternatives to their current job

Over 1/3rd of them don’t know what they want to be doing and are using their job as a stop-gap

ONLY 30% find their current job really interesting

60% would like to run their own businesses one day

What would your ideal job involve?

These were the most popular responses:

  1. Be really interesting
  2. Have a good work-life balance
  3. Provide lots of opportunities for learning
  4. Have an entrepreneurial angle
  5. Allow you to ‘do good’
  6. Involve creativity
  7. Earn you lots of cash
  8. Be really challenging

So where does Esc come in?

The message we take from these responses is that there are a lot of young (23-30 year old) people out there working in professional jobs which aren’t necessarily right for them (or which they’re looking to move on from).

People want something different, something entrepreneurial, something interesting.

None of this is rocket science…

However, it (along with all the reactions we have received) does provide us with the encouragement that there is a genuine demand for Escape the City… and we hope that our website (launching in January) is going to provide the kind of platform for us to achieve our goal:

‘to help young professionals escape jobs that don’t inspire, excite and fulfill them… to help them do something different’

Watch this space for a summary of the main features of our new website!

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