A quick note to say thank you to Marina Kim for this guest post…

ALL fake Gods fall at some point. Just a couple of years ago everyone around aspired to be either a banker or a property developer. These were the masters of the Universe, working hard and playing hard with their cool friends who just loved those overpriced bottles of champagne on their tables at exclusive nightclubs.

MoneyGodNobody expected that it could all come to an end. So, why did it end? I think the reason is that there were way too many bankers and high-end property developers around. Only a small number of them were meant to be bankers. Some of those who ended up with financial jobs were born to be painters, musicians, architects, scientists. They had other talents for a reason. Instead of listening to their inner self and what they were meant to be these people put up with the jobs they didn’t enjoy. As we could all see, it ended up to be a failure on a worldwide scale.

One in five people in Britain suffer from depression. One of the reasons for depression is having a job that doesn’t satisfy you. If you are unhappy – do something about it. If you tried it all to make it at your current job and you are still underappreciated and underpaid maybe it is time to move on to another company? If you consistently underperform maybe the job is not for you – full stop.

We tend to be good at things we enjoy and have a natural talent for. Sure, it can be developed but if you are not a maths person by nature it is truly hard to motivate yourself to love it. You might be good at something else if you let yourself be more open-minded about it.

It is certainly hard to lose stability or switch to a lower paid job, but another job might give you more free time to enjoy yourself. There is a silver-lining in every cloud. The fact that you are now poorer can help shake off the wrong crowd around you. After all, a ten-pound meal with someone with whom you share a laugh and a real conversation will always outperform a meal at Gaucho with someone who loves you for her Louboutins.

Imagine how awesome the feeling of freedom is to walk out of that sweaty little office and never be back, mentioning to your nasty back-stabbing colleagues: “Thanks, guys, I’ve resigned. You can have all my clients. I am off to sail in the Caribbean!” Seriously, is there a better way for revenge?! Yes, it takes guts to turn your life 180 degrees but if your boat is heading towards a shallow bay where, you know, it can get stuck for good, maybe it’s just about time to do that U-turn? You will come back from your adventures stronger, more confident, in charge of your own life. You will have the tan of a man who doesn’t go with the flow.

Marina Kim

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