dom-jackman-187x300It’s amazing how you can be so confident about something up until the point at which you actually have to do it.

This has never been so true as when I handed my resignation in last week. It felt like I was standing on the edge yet the final jump was the toughest. It’s so easy to do the talking but actually doing it and leaving the security behind is terrifying.

How would they react? What would they say? (More to the point what would I say I was going to do?!).

Having planned what I was going to say, the time came to have the chat I was dreading.

I explained that I had always harboured an ambition to start something up from a young age. Now I had the opportunity to do something I felt passionate about I had decided to take the plunge.

The reaction….?

Surprisingly, overwhelmingly positive…

In fact so much so it made me wonder whether they were they actually wanted me in the first place!

Thankfully I have an understanding boss who has himself been part of numerous start ups and understands the desire to take a risk or two. So after he reminded me that 9/10 business fail I returned to my desk a free man with 4 weeks left on the clock.

How did I feel?

Nervous, terrified but excited!

No longer can I call myself a Management Consultant (not that anyone understands what they actually are anyway), I have no secure occupation or a guaranteed pay check. The money I have saved to do this (through living on £10 a day) will only last so long, then what? Well I think sometimes you just have to take the risk to do something you believe in.

So now I’m out in the open I have a few weeks left to finish up at work, take my last pay check and then it’s up to us. It feels like we have a mountain to climb but I now can’t wait to start climbing it.

Dom Jackman

(26 years old. 4 years as a Management Consultant, many years as a dreamer!)


A quick note from Rob

5808_670743567719_36814031_39966817_1417361_n1-150x150I’m obviously thrilled for Dom that he has made this leap – ahead of schedule and as committed as ever. Plus, I no longer have to fend off accusations that I’ve made up my ‘mystery Esc co-founder’.

Innocent’s latest book talks about something called ‘The Eastenders Test’. Their challenge is this: if you get home from a 10-hour day and you still have the energy, passion and grit to spend another 5 hours working on your ‘thing’, your start up… (rather than simply watching Eastenders) then you’ve got what it takes to put in the long, hard hours to turn your idea into a reality.

I’m extremely chuffed to announce that Dom has been passing this test week-in and week-out since August (although we did both fail the X-Factor test tonight – ‘sorry mate can we talk after’). Hats off to him. I couldn’t have juggled both a job and this and I’m damn impressed that he has.

Watch this space for some exciting Escape the City developments coming soon… the main site is well on its way and we have our launch date in the diary for Wednesday 27th January. If you’ve got your 2010 diary on the go – pen us in – it’s going to be an absolute blast!

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