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Jungle Dreams and Staying in the Black

Jungle Dreams and Staying in the Black

London is mega expensive. So how do I keep my head above water without a full-time job?

Following the dream

I’ve set aside 12 months to plan and film an expedition based documentary in the jungles of French Guiana. I knew that if I settled into a 9-5, I wouldn’t have the pressure to get it off the ground and my dream would slowly fade away.

So I’ve chosen the path of part-time work, giving me sufficient free time to work on my project.

To view a taster clip of Charles’ recent ground-breaking jungle expedition in Guyana, please click on the video below.

Expedition Taster from Charles Montier on Vimeo.

The jobs

I was offered a great job this year, working as a tutor for a family every weekday evening.

To learn some more, vary my week and earn a little extra, I also took on some part-time work with a start-up tutoring company.  This was a position advertised by our new friend Escape the City!

The result

The jobs are enjoyable and give me enough funds to have fun and save.

Should I move in to a flat with friends, the rent would still be comfortably covered.

The lesson

London is expensive, but there are numerous solid paying part-time jobs as a result.

If you really want your ideas to take off, sometimes you have to put the pressure on and ditch the full-time work. But poverty is not a necessary result!

Tutoring is a great source of income and fulfilling aswell. If you’ve got a degree and get on well with young people, this could be the part-time job for you. Enthusiasm and energy are needed rather than qualifications.

There are a number of tutoring companies in London you can apply to, here are just a few:

I’ve only mentioned my tactics, I hope it helps and inspires yours.

  • Adrian

    Another agency is the one I run – Adrian Beckett Tutors. We provide families in London with specialist Maths tutors in Dyscalculia, QTS Skills Test, 11+, GCSE and more.

  • Tutor House

    Tutor House is another London based private tutoring agency specialising in providing students with Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level support as well as University, gap year and school advice for 11 – 18 years.

  • roxana

    Academic Owl Tuition is also looking for experienced maths tutor in North London area, able to teach from Primary up to GCSE level. For more info go to