1. What’s up?

My name is Aggie Jones and I recently got a job in a creative role in the advertising department of Spotify, the music streaming service.


2. What did you do before?

I worked as an Account Executive for a large marketing communications agency working on one account and acting as a go-between between the creative team in the agency and the client.

3. How long have you dreamt of doing this?

I realized relatively soon after the beginning of my tenure that my former job was not for me! While it gave me some great insights into the media world and some experience in account management, I stayed there purely for these learnings and to build up my CV.

4. When did you realise you would make the change?

Work began to seep into my personal life & I found it harder and harder to get a happy work-life balance. I knew that my role was about to change significantly due to an internal re-shuffle and rather than be excited by this prospect I felt nothing but dread, as what they would deem a ‘promotion’ actually meant 12-hour-days of doing a job that wasn’t for me! At this point I knew it was time to start applying for other roles.

logoSo I found a company that I respected, one which really excited & inspired me, looked on their website and learned that they were only hiring for a job unsuited to my experience level.  I wrote them an email saying that although I didn’t have the relevant experience for the role they were looking to fill, they simply must invite me in so that I could persuade them that I am the sort of person they would want working for them.

They did, I was, and very fortunately they created a role for me!

5. From a practical perspective, how did you plan for it?

I realized that I wanted to make a move into the digital world and to take on some creative responsibility.  I did some research online & I asked a few friends who worked in media for advice on companies who may be hiring in the digital sphere.   I also thought about which companies I would want to approach speculatively.  In terms of interview prep I did a lot of research into Spotify & the market they were playing in

6. What about the money side of things?

Although I have taken a pay cut in order to Esc, I am just about able to survive off the new salary. Homemade lunches, limited booze, all the usuals!

7. What was the hardest thing about making this happen?

The waiting. Waiting to hear back on the application I put forward; waiting to hear back on whether I’d been offered the job. It’s the not knowing which I found the most difficult.

Interviewing is pretty horrific too! Especially when you have one which doesn’t go as you’d hoped. There will always be questions which totally bamboozle you, partly because of the nerves!

Also, summoning the energy to get out of a well-established rut was a challenge!

8. What has been the best thing about having made this happen?

I get out of bed with a bounce. It makes such a huge difference working for a company you truly believe in & doing a job which is intellectually challenging. It feels good to know my career is now on a path I’m happy with.

9. What advice would you give to other people?

Chase, chase, chase. If you really want a job you should do all you can to get it. Try any method you can think of. So I would definitely advise persistence & positivity.

10. What resources have you found really useful?

To be honest I think the job sites out there are pretty useless. I applied for company I had heard of and found interesting, rather than using job sites.

This is why perhaps Escape the City could be the answer!


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