A lot of people think I’m mad for leaving my well-paid job in the current climate.

Yes it takes a certain amount of balls to leave the comfort and security of a stable job and set something new up.

Yes, you have to adjust your lifestyle, save up for it, say no to holidays and extravagant nights out.

However, as I wrote last week, it’s all in a bid to search for true happiness. This week I thought I’d share why I think leaving work to try something new needn’t be scary.

Think of it as doing a Masters.

If I was to tell people I was leaving to do a Masters the conversations I’d be having would all be about how much I’ll learn and that it was a good safe option. But exactly the same goes for start-ups. I’m learning more doing Esc than I have ever done doing anything and I don’t have to pay tuition fees.

What about the money? Ok yes the money is a big issue but equally doing a Master is an expensive business. Take a loan if you run out. If the start-up doesn’t quite work out then you’ll have learnt bucket loads in setting it up and you’ll be even more employable.

What if the idea doesn’t work? Then you’ll never have to live with the horrible thought: ‘what if’. Also opportunities create opportunities. By starting something up you’ll meet hundreds of new people and that’s hundreds of potential new conversations that wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t putting yourself out there.

Of course it does take a leap of faith and a reliance on friends to keep you up when it gets tough (and buy you the odd drink), but it really shouldn’t be that scary.

Next week – Where to go in London to get inspired…

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