Wig Day

Some people love jobs that others hate

We have been working on Esc since March 2009. The idea has developed over many evening beers, working lunches, and snatched conversations in closed meeting rooms at work. Throughout we have been very clear on what we want to build.

We have also been very clear on what we’re not… We’re definitely not anti-jobs. And we’re not anti-corporate either.

Our philosophy is that some people absolutely love jobs that others hate – it’s about finding the occupation that will fulfill you personally. There were people at my old office who genuinely loved what they were doing whilst I found the work frustrating and unfulfilling.

Rather than judging them, I realised that they were the lucky ones because they had already found an occupation that made them happy and fulfilled.

We are very clear that Escape the City isn’t an ‘I hate my job site’

Esc is for proactive people. It is for people who want to make a positive change. It is a network for people to help each other turn their aspirations into realities. And it’s not for moaners!

Having said this – at the risk of sounding hypocritical – a friend of mine recently sent me this photo of her ‘Office Wig Day’ and it encapsulated so many of my feelings about my previous job that I thought that it was too good not to post it up.

Without being cynical or judgemental – and I don’t want to pre-judge the people in this photo – but if a picture says a thousand words then this one certainly speaks volumes about how these people might feel about their jobs

If we are going to stand for anything it is going to be helping people with expressions like these!

So what does Escape the City stand for?

We stand for the following:

– We are anti ‘people stuck in ruts’.

– We are anti ‘people doing jobs they don’t enjoy’.

– And we are anti ‘people feeling like they don’t have any options’.

That is what we care passionately about.

We want to help people to:

  • Find jobs they enjoy
  • Start businesses
  • Do amazing adventures

And we want to help people like the ones in this photo – because if the expressions on their faces do actually reflect how they feel about their jobs – they need Escape the City as much as we did!

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