Just a quick note to say thanks to Rob and Tim who sent us a couple of really exciting emails last week.

Today’s Escape Diary talked about how it is a roller-coaster starting up something from scratch – it is messages like these (from complete strangers – not from our mates) that really make it worthwhile.

Rob Cousins – Off to Nepal

“I have recently stumbled on your site, and congratulations on it. Really. I’m in the process of leaving the city for pastures much more exciting, and since handing in my notice I have received replies of two sorts….

  1. ‘Congratulations’…. which I never thought I’d get. And more so than any other promotion that I’d received.  But really, it is a celebration, like a rite of passage that someone has passed into the next stage of their life.
  2. ‘Wow I’m jealous’…. not in a nasty way, but in a ‘good for you’ way. And as they say it, their eyes relax and change.  It’s as though their guard drops, and their true feelings come out.

I thought I’d share these moments with you, as you may enjoy them. Handing in my notice after 7 years, a weight has been lifted, I walk taller, my life from now is about my values and what I deem important. My wife and I are moving to Nepal in February where she will be working with an NGO setting up an animal welfare clinic in Pokhara (www.hartnepal.org), and I will be working with the Nepali athletics team and fixing broken sherpas. If I am lucky, I may have work teaching orphaned vultures to fly. I feel my life has a direction now.

I’ve been making notes on what’s different about working for a corporation, and the cares and concerns of living under my own steam. Really there isn’t much difference, it’s just a matter of perspective. Income is a concern; but corporate poeple worry about it too, they worry about job security. Corporate people generally stop learning new skills or learn them during a restructure; I can learn what interests me, at a pace that suits me. The list really is very long now, and I’ve learnt that being able to see things from a different perspective is such a powerful thing to be able to do.”

Tim Moss – The Next Challenge

“I have just discovered your website (via Al Humphreys’) and having clicked on any of the links I thought might be interesting, my internet browser is filled with far more windows than I could possibly justify reading before leaving the house. Love it.

Reading the opening paragraphs and subsequent pages, I had that awkward feeling you get when you’re really excited about something but all on your own – not sure if you should be grinning so much and rocking on your chair when nobody’s around.

Not a lot of point to this email Rob. Just wanted to say that, although having never worked in The City, I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying and have had many similar conversations with my friends. It’s always a good feeling to find other people with similar ideas and better still that you’re giving them a voice. (If The City were a jail then my tunnel has already been dug and I’m on the far side of the chainlink fence, standing in the spotlights with the urge to run but not quire sure in which direction. )

Look forward to hearing more from you (I’ve signed up to the RSS).”

The Next Challenge.

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