Whilst the dream of escaping the city to do something you feel passionate about sounds romantic getting there most certainly isn’t. There have been times recently where I have really questioned why I’m doing it. As you may have read in my previous blogs I’m still working full time in the city and saving like crazy so I can escape (ironically to work on ‘Esc’ full time). In order for this to work I have had to make some fairly radical changes to my life.

I’m working 10 hours a day in my current job then spending my evenings and weekends working on Esc. As a result I have very little spare time. Add this to a £10 a day budget and the lifestyle is hardly rock and roll. Week in week out this can get you down and you start to question why the hell you are doing it? (Something that happened to me this week) On paper I have a great job which pays well and allows me to do what I like at the weekends – so why put myself through all of this?

Simple really –If my life was to end now I wouldn’t want someone at my funeral saying “*** harboured a dream to have his own business but died a Management Consultant”. I sure as hell don’t want this to happen. Which is why I’m prepared to go through this in the short term. I’d rather someone say at my funeral that I tried and failed rather than never tried at all. In a world without escapethecity.org opportunities don’t just come into your inbox (although we are trying to change this) you have to go out and get them so I have to expect to take a couple of steps backward before I take the strides forward.

Making the adjustments to escape are not easy – but I believe the reward of escaping will be (at least I hope it will)!

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