Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came to our first Esc Wednesday.

What is an Esc Wednesday?

Esc Wednesdays are our regular meet-ups in central London. The idea is that we host an after-work gathering of people who are interested in meeting other like-minded souls, have a drink and a chat, and generally discuss options, escape plans, business ideas, and anything else that springs to mind!


It was really good fun to meet some of you who have been following the site since we started. Lots of great ideas, feedback, and potential contacts.

We wanted to test out the first Esc Wednesday with a limited amount of people to see if the concept works. Since it worked really well we’re looking to hold another one extremely soon. Watch this space for the details of the next one – we’ll announce it publicly and on the Monday email (with a week’s warning).

Here are a couple of photos from this week’s event (anonymity assured!)…

Esc Wed 1

Esc Wed 2

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