A quick note:

Freddie Douglas is the first ever person to successfully apply for a job through Escape the City.

A damn exciting moment for us… and a hugely exciting one for him! Good luck Freddie…

PS – there are still places for people with strong CVs and good track records to go to Moscow – get involved!


“Having finished university in June I spent the summer road-tripping around the US with four mates.

“Upon return, penniless and unemployed, I was faced with a gap to fill before my job with Teach First starts next June!

“Menial jobs in South Wales were fast making my feet itch – and then 2 weeks ago Escape the City was recommended to me.

“I poured through job ideas and prospects and found something that appealed to my adventurous spirit and would also give me the best possible preparation for Teach First – a job tutoring in Moscow.

“Esc left the application details: one e-mail and one week later I was in an office with two Russians under interview! Today, one week on, I’m busy buying fur hats and preparing for a ‘Russian’ winter – I’m off in a couple of weeks…”

Freddie Douglas


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